reds_detailThis last week all the  Aurifil thread to go with my Island Batik fabrics arrived.  There is something incredibly alluring about new supplies under the worst of circumstances, but when the fabric and the thread both glow like these do, euphoric creativity invariably follows….except I almost don’t want to break open the beautiful spools of thread or pristine cuts of fabric….They are so lovely just sitting on my desk.


To commemorate the virginal beauty of these threads I put them in a little photo shoot; Lining them up as if they were students in a class picture. If this doesn’t make you want to sew, or go out and buy a spool of Aurifil in every color under the rainbow I don’t know what could possibly persuade you.


I also LOVE how the colors match the Island Batik fabrics perfectly. This is a must for the machine appliqué I am planning on doing. This particular selection makes me think of the deep forests at home in Norway. If you want to see what that can look like you can take a look at this music video (What does the Fox Say). Yes, it is Norwegian – I don’t know to brag about that or not.

Happy Sewing!



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