Maya was wearing a dress last Sunday. My favorite one that I have for her. It’s from Peek and it was in the price category where it makes me feel slightly queazy about handing over my credit card. (After all, she will only fit it for a few months, right?)

Well, this dress seemed doomed for a VERY short life span when Maya got hold of a pair of sharp scissors and practiced opening and closing them multiple times…snip, snip, snip into the fabric of her dress. Ripped dress

At first I got just a TAD bit upset….what a waste of a super cute garment!  Then I woke up at 2 am and thought about it and decided to get over myself and fix the dress.

When I want to do little ad-hoc projects I am always so happy to have a rather huge pile of fabric and tons of Aurifil thread from previous projects.


I used fusible machine appliqué to make a monster face on her dress.

The thing I did learn from this project, aside from keeping the scissors out of reach, is that it is rather tricky to get the corduroy to stick well to the fusible. I had to fuse a couple of the pieces twice and then made sure I used a buttonhole stitch to attach the pieces thoroughly.



Now the dress is washed and ironed and ready for another adventurous day in the life of a toddler.

Do you ever repair your clothes, or those of your family?

Happy stitching!


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