“Why don’t I just come down tomorrow morning and make sure that you are doing it right?” It was my best friend Gerd in the phone last night.

Gerd Corrigan is the designer behind my logo and my web page. She is a competent photographer and a talented graphic designer. If you browse the wedding magazines at Barnes&Noble you will find her work – she is the creative director for a beautiful magazine called Destination I Do.


Fortunately for me, she is also my best friend and one of the most generous people I know.

She has been doing an immense amount of work for me over the last year and I was starting to feel a bit guilty for letting her do all this pro-bono work.

Now, that it is time to produce actual patterns for my new designs, I had decided I needed to suck it up and learn to do a couple of things well by myself:

1)   Learn to use Adobe InDesign so I can make awesome looking patterns.

2)   Take good flat photography of my quilts for use on the cover.

Gerd_taffyBut life being what it is, I am WAY to close to deadline for any of these learning experiences to be enjoyable.

I decided to suck it up anyway and sat up until midnight for the last three nights watching tutorial videos and feeling an overwhelming urge to drink Vodka tonics, eat chocolate, and suck my thumb – preferably all at the same time. (I didn’t do any of it, but only because I have promised my nutritionist to be completely carb free for ten days). For some reason I always get anxious when I have lots of non-routine tasks close to a deadline.

Gerd showed up at nine sharp this morning with her MacBook pro under her arm and a giant bucket of coffee in her hand. She promptly suggested that SHE set up my InDesign document for me so that I could focus on the more complicated Block of the Month pattern I am working on.

Before lunch, she had designed a beautifully laid-out document with embedded graphics. Even if I sat up swearing and chewing my fingernails for a week I wouldn’t have managed to organize the document the way she did. I guess this is why she is the graphic designer and I am not.

To top it off, Gerd then suggested we photograph the quilt for the cover. We set up an improvised photo-shoot in her back yard and I wanted to show it to you for a couple of reasons.

1)   This is what is what it looks like when your best friend and her dogs help you to succeed in your new quilting business.

2)   Here is my new quilt pattern called Jaelyn’s Sunshine. It is made entirely with batik fabrics from Island Batik and matching threads from Aurifil.

If you read my earlier post about it you may remember that the quilt is inspired by my stepdaughter Jaelyn (5 years). Hanging amongst the oleanders in Gerd’s back yard I thought it captured the spirit of Jaelyn brilliantly.

The pattern for Jaelyn’s Sunshine will be available in quilt-shops and on my website this summer.

I hope you like it.

Do you have a story about quilting a friendship to share?






2 thoughts on “Jaelyn’s Sunshine (And a Bit of Gratitude)

  1. Your mamma home in Norway likes your story about your new quilt and the friendship with Gerd. Good luck both of you, as desighners in different subject area.
    – -hugs from mamma

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