mayabaking_2This has been quite a lovely week. We are cooking up to Christmas and last weekend we had our annual gingerbread-baking party with 18 people in our kitchen making yummy gingerbread (literally called pepper-cakes in Norwegian) from a recipe that called for no less than 3 tablespoons of black pepper and 7 sticks of butter.

Maya_bakingI can’t show you a lot of pictures of it because I was too busy supervising and baking to take a lot of pictures (while still hobbling around with my leg in an orthodic boot) but I have to show you a couple of brag pictures of Maya. At age 2 and a half she was possibly the most dedicated baker there and God help anybody who tried to help her. This was HER project, her rolling pin, and her cookies to be made. I am convinced that at that exact moment there was nothing cuter under the sun (I hope all mom’s have those moments with their kids once in a while). My dear friend Sarah Vedeler had made all of us new aprons – they are readymade aprons that she appliqué and embroidered on her Bernina 880. The initials were from one of her patterns.


Have a happy holiday season!



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