Sharing a little bliss from my studio this morning. A cool morning light was coming sideways in through my window and adding a beautiful sereneness to my new English Paper Piecing project with the FrouFrou fabric.

And of course…the morning cup of coffee…

Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Morning Hexies with Frou-Frou fabric

  1. I’m a hexie newbie. Recently purchased my first hexagon punch and have started making hexies from sturdy paper in junk mail and some discarded manila folders. Now that I have a big ‘stash’ of paper hexies, I’m wondering what the next step will be. . . Looks like you’re working with fabric squares. How do you determine the cutting size?

    1. Hi Carol. Thanks for visiting my website. Yes, I always cut squares. It is really up to you as the quilter what you like best. You can cut hexagon shaped fabric about 1/3″ larger than your paper template, or you can simply take a rotary cutter to your fabric like I do. The end result is the same. If you cut squares, make the squares about 1/2-2/3″ larger than the hexagons (measuring across the hexagon from point to point, not side to side). Have fun!

      1. Thanks, Felicia! I’ll experiment with the size to see what works best. I have lots of scraps from 2-1/2 inch strips, so I hope they will come in handy with this project!!

    1. Hi Nicole, I am using Clover Black Gold Needles. Size 9 or 10 unless doing extremely detailed work. They are amazing and will probably turn you into a real needle snob. Felicia

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