DSC_1712This last week was no fun at all. My youngest daughter brought hand, foot, and mouth disease home from daycare and understandably daycare wouldn’t let her bring it back. So instead she shared it with me. And the pediatrician told me this is mostly a disease of young children under 5!

If your child ever gets this disease know that it is quite painful. First the fever and chills and stiff neck. Then the rash comes creeping all over your hands and feet and makes it painful to walk, let alone touch anything. Forget about quilting, but since you are now home with your also sick toddler you get to deal with the velcro closures on her diapers.

Your mouth is full of sores to so eating is no fun (even chocolate cupcakes hurt. I tried several times thinking this couldn’t possibly be the case). All the while you are feeling grumpy and half feverish.

Today I finally woke up feeling OK. Sure, my fingers and feet hurt still but not as bad as they had.  Maya is completely recovered so I swallowed some mommy guilt about it being Christmas eve and whisked her little butt off to daycare for a few hours. Then I got to work cutting fabric for the Mosaic Tiles Quilt.

I am pretty sure Santa may be withdrawing some gifts from my pile for selfishly sending the little one off to daycare just so I could quilt for a few hours. But I promise you, I will be a much better mom for the next three days because of it.

By the way: If you wish to join this fun little quilt along, you can learn more about it here at www.caftbuds.com. You can also go back and read my Q&A with its organizer Lindsay Conner in my earlier post about her new book Modern Bee.

Merry Christmas!


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    1. Hi Tisha, thank you for visiting my blog. I am feeling much better, just strange peeling skin where the blisters are healing…but not worse than that I can operate a sewing machine and an iron…and that is what matters, right?


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