I don’t know what it is with this yellow log-cabin quilt top that I just finished, but it has been a while since I completed a quilt-top that I am this pleased with. Something about collecting all these different shades of yellow and then getting the overall voice of the quilt to read “Sun-shine on an egg yolk!” Just as I intended it so read.

If you want to make your own version, the foundation papers for the log cabin is available in the shop: Log Cabin Foundation Papers

I am a happy quilter today!

Yellow_barnraising yellow_barnraising2 yellow_barnraising3 yellow_barnraising4

14 thoughts on “Scrappy Yellow Log Cabin

  1. Love your yellow and white log cabin quilt.. I made one in shades of yellows
    to gold and purples to blue. It brightens up the room. Going to tie it instead of quilting. I remember being at my Granny’s house looking at all her quilts. She tied most of hers. Takes me back to so many happy sewing memories with her.

    1. Thank you! It is ended up getting an all over leafy pattern that is pretty open. Ideally I would have hand quilted it, but I didn’t have time so it got the digital treatment on a long-arm machine.

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