grazing_sheepBridgeBefore the summer I showed you all the fun projects I took with me for my month-long stay in Europe.  This morning I had a few minutes to make a little cushion out of one of the cross stitch projects that I dragged along. This was my France project.

Ohhhh….did I not tell you I went to France? OK, this happens when you have a great husband, a great friend with wanderlust, and a great grandmother for your kids.poppies house_meadow

Basically, my mom (who lives in Norway and only sees her grand-daughter a couple of times a year at the most) agreed to be super-grandma and take care of Maya for a week. I caught the plane from Oslo to Paris and then took the train down to the Dordogne region of France where I went hiking for a week with my super-awesome friend Julie, who had sent her kids off on a camping trip with her husband for a week.

I don’t want you to misunderstand the word hiking. Julie’s well-meaning husband had tried to convince her to bring a compass, iodine pills, and a bunch of survival gear. This was not THAT kind of hiking trip. Instead we ambled along on well marked paths in beautiful countryside and quiet woods for a few hours each day. By mid-afternoon we were generally at our destination, our suitcases waiting for us. That means we spend hours each day eating, drinking walnut liquor, exploring, and generally relaxing. I put a few stitches into my little cross-stitch project every day.

Now, every time I look at this little project I will remember the delicious mushroom pates, the mysterious caves at La Cave, and the wondrous sights of Rocomadour. poppy_pillow

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