Do you have a scrap-basket? Is it full of smaller pieces of fabric from your past projects.

Where those projects you loved to make and did you think these fabrics were beautiful, cool, quirky, gorgeous or fun when you where working with them?

Do these scraps feel a bit irrelevant now? Do they make you feel bad as they lay, sad and crumpled up, in a big pile?
ScrapChallenge_basketI have such a basket. It is rather full at this point. Occasionally, my kids will hunt in it when they want to make something, but generally, it just gets fuller and fuller.

The sad thing is that many of these fabrics were once my favorites. Some of them still are while others seem oddly irrelevant and are leftovers from the time I was into shabby-chic, jewel tones, batiks, earth tones, civil war….whatever.

In meditation this morning (yes, I sit on a Safu in my sewing room and meditate) I got the idea that I should make a challenge out of using my scraps to make a quilt. (If you know anything about meditation this should tell you how terrible I am at clearing my mind).

Here are my rules for this Project:

  1. I will make one or more 12″ wide blocks every week. Since I am planning on turning these blocks into long bands the height of the block doesn’t matter.
  2. I will use a mix of piecing, raw edge appliqué, foundation paper piecing. whatever makes me happy that day.
  3. I am free to use another, non-scrap-basket fabric for my sashing and border if I find that I need one.
  4. Each block will not take more than 45 minutes to make.
  5. I haven’t quite decided if I should color sort my scraps and give the quilt a color theme or make a completely schizophrenic mumbo-jumbo random piecing kind’o project. I can see the advantages of both.

Do you want to join me for this challenge?


4 thoughts on “The Scrap Quilt Pledge: Part 1

  1. While I am not sure I am up for joining the challenge, it does sound like fun! I particularly like rule #4 – I think this rule would really stress me out :o

    1. Hi Jean, You can always skip rule number 4:) Actually, you can make your own rules that fit your life and your scrap-pile. I just put myself on a time limit because otherwise I wouldn’t do anything that actually has to be done (like the 7 quilts I have to make this fall for a book I am working at).

  2. My whole stash is fabric scraps and I love making scrap quilts, they are so much fun. Well done on deciding to make this project a ‘scrap quilt challenge’, looking forward to see how your quilt looks when done.

    1. Hi Lyn, Sounds like a great way to make quilts. I make a lot of scrappy quilts – AKA quilts with LOTS of different fabrics in them, but I have been terrible at using up my actual fabric scraps. Would love to see what you do as well.

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