The little 4-inch log cabin paper templates are finally available in the shop! Click here to purchase. 

The booklets of 48 templates are available in the shop. They retail at $15.00 

In a few days I will also have the kit for the little model quilt available. Email me at if you want one and I will put you on the list for next week when the first ones will be ready to ship. The fabric kit retails at $74 including two books of templates.

I am so excited to offer this product. For me, a notoriously imprecise piecer, this is the magic bullet to get tiny strips of fabric straight, and all the corners matching. Paper piecing log cabins is very relaxing and enables you to complete focus on color and watching your exquisite project grow and develop without stressing about inaccuracies in your work.


Happy Sewing!



4 thoughts on “4-inch Log Cabin Paper Foundations

    1. Hi Carissa, I believe that quilt is 10×12 blocks – so 120 blocks total. If you are making the quilt the same size as mine you would need 3 books of foundation papers.
      Have fun.

      1. Hi Carissa, I just re-read your question, and it related to the 4-inch blocks, not the 7-inch like I first thought:) For the 4-inch blocks, the small charcoal and pastel quilt is only 7×9…so 63 blocks total. You would need 2 books of templates total.

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