Yesterday was already a really nice day:

  • It was drizzly raining, which is a great treat here in Phoenix.
  • I did a morning meditation in the hummingbird habitat corner of the park and watched the waterlilies.
  • The temperature was down in the low 70’s and I had turned off the air conditioner and opened all the windows and could listen to the mockingbird outside my window.
  • I had a big cup of coffee with homemade biscotti from my neighbor’s kitchen.
  • The vegetable garden was sprouting.
  • I had just finished a quilt top to send to Lisa Sipes – my ever so awesome long-arm-quilting-goddess.

Just when I couldn’t get much more content the UPS guy rang the door bell and dropped off a rather large and heavy box full of the most DELICIOUS Cotton Couture from Michael Miller. Seriously…how did I get this lucky?

I am cutting them up this afternoon, because I have a definite plan with these babies. However, I wanted to show them to you first.


Can you see how they GLOW!

cottoncouture blues_greens reds_pink

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