About Felicia

I am a lover of all things involving quilting, quilting patterns, and textile arts, a needlework and quilt designer, blogger, craft lover, and a passionate traveler when I get the chance.

I grew up in Norway but after my first couple of years of college there I moved to the United States to complete my education. Life took its twists and turns, and somehow I am still here in Arizona with a loving husband, one adorable daughter, two beautiful step daughters and three spoiled cats.

I grew up in a family that appreciated art, craftsmanship, and nature. As a child I watched my mom weave, sew, and knit. I dabbled in patchwork and endured the enforced construction of knitted socks and pajama pants during craft classes in school. However, it wasn’t until my early twenties that I got a huge kick on free embroidering felt Christmas ornaments. I never stopped after that.

Over the last 20 years I have added quilting and counted-thread embroidery to my main passions. There are few days that I don’t make something with needle and thread, or dream up future projects.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to do many different things. I have studied physical anthropology, taught personal development classes, been a career coach, and worked as a full time faculty member at a college. However, I always come back to the needle and thread in some form. In 2013 I took the leap and decided to dedicate myself to textile arts full time.

My View on Design and Creativity

I once read, in a Terence Conran book on interior design, that there are certain things in life that almost all people universally like to experience: Walking through falling leaves in the fall and listening to them rustle against your shoes, breaking the icy crust on a water puddle on a chilly morning, watching sunsets, and tree-houses.

Conran’s point was that our homes and lives should reflect this quality – let us call it
“Walking through leaves”.

Our lives should include lots of Walking Through Leaves!

As a textile designer I believe that creating quilts and other handmade crafts for our homes is one of the best ways to increase the Walking Through Leaves quality of our lives, both because the creation process is inherently cozy and healing, but also because very few things make a home as instantaneously personal and welcoming as handmade textiles.

When I went away to college in my native Norway, and later in the US, I always brought along a scrappy log-cabin quilt that my mom made for my bed when I was a little girl. No matter how lonely I felt, how narrow the bed, and how much mildew there was in the communal bathrooms, I would always cover a wall in my room with my scrappy quilt and somehow that would make the place seem like home.

My quilt and needlework designs are inspired by my Norwegian upbringing, my love affair with traditional American craft traditions, and the sublime beauty of Japanese quilts.

I believe creativity is for everybody.

Creativity is a skill to be practiced rather than a gift some few are born with.

Great craftsmanship is awesome, but it is better to make an imperfect and inspired quilt (drawing/Christmas ornament/cupcake) than none at all.

Don’t ever be afraid of trying a new technique or a larger project. It may not turn out perfect
the first time, but you will always learn something.

Finished is better than perfect but unfinished.

Enjoy the process of creating.

My hope is that my website and my designs with inspire you to include more beauty, joy and Walking Through Leaves into your life. I hope you will join me by trying some of my projects, or get inspired to create your own.




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