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The Brand

Felicia’s World provides high-quality quilting and needlework patterns and templates to quilters and needleworkers worldwide. We aim to produce quilts and designs that reflect beauty, charm, emotional warmth, and a sense of comfort.

We strongly believe in the power and beauty of quilting to heal both the maker and those around us. If we listen to what is within us, our creative work can be a channel for our soul to communicate with the physical world. In surrounding ourselves with joyful, meaningful, and handmade objects made by ourselves or other artists, we allow our hearts and souls to find peace and wholeness.

Our goal is to inspire quilters of all levels to make quilts that are works of art and reflect investment in time and craftsmanship. Most of our patterns are not particularly difficult and are suitable for the confident beginner and up. Felicia’s World focuses primarily on creating tools and quilt patterns that speak of loving investment of time and skill to create heirlooms.

Brief History

My name is Felicia and I grew up in a small town in Norway. I was lucky enough to be raised by parents who loved creative pursuits and who surrounded me with an adult community of artisans and craftspeople.

I always drew and painted and dabbled in knitting and patchwork as a kid, but stopped abruptly when it was time to become a cool teenager. In college, I revived my love of textiles again, primarily by focusing on traditional quilts and needlework. I took a few classes in my local quilt and needlework shops and spent hundreds of hours practicing my craft. Initially, I learned to machine piece on a terrible (and very old) machine I borrowed from my mother-in-law. Eventually, I graduated to a slightly better machine, and then to the Bernina machines that I sew on today.

Felicias World
Felicias World

After several years of leading personal development and career development workshops, and working as a full-time college faculty, I quit my full-time (and very hard-fought) faculty position and founded Felicia’s World intending to share my work through teaching, pattern design, and original work. Since then, I have written quilting books, designed quilt patterns, taught quilting workshops both locally, nationally, and internationally.

I design and make both applique and pieced quilts, and I love both hand and machine work depending on the project. Sometimes it is so satisfying to piece or applique on the machine and see a quilt take shape at rapid speed. However, few things are better for the soul than quietly creating a hexie quilt by hand. I am forever grateful for having all options available!

I hope you enjoy this small, creative, corner of the web and that you will be inspired to quilt and create with me.


Quilty May June 2017
yellow log cabin quilt
floral log cabin quilt
pincushion quilt


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