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Project Update: 4-Inch Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

by | May 5, 2016

I am so excited to share the progress on this little log cabin quilt that is also the poster child for the new 4-inch Log Cabin templates in my shop. I have been working diligently on this little Log Cabin quilt project for a week or two and am so enjoying the process.

As you may know, I have been thoroughly converted to the joys of foundation paper piecing. I use it if for any time I have accurate points in my blocks. However, my favorite way to use this technique is with log cabin quilts.  I just love how accurate it is. It makes piecing the log cabin blocks really easy and relaxing. Every block turns out perfect and all are the same size! That is way more than I would dare to hope for if I was attempting to piece these blocks the traditional way with 3/4″ inch strips and accurate 1/4-inch seam allowances.


I am using the 4-inch log cabin template that I designed and shared with you. So far I have put together 43 blocks and the whole thing is (in my not so humble opinion) turning out rather darling.

I particularly love how the acidic yellow and salmon tones pop and make the pastels less cutesy and more grown-up, and the contrast of the Graphite Cotton Couture.

Each of the logs in the block finishes at only 1/4-inch. I am using solid Cotton Couture from Michael Miller. Though you could use any standard quilting cotton for this project, I love that Cotton Couture has a higher thread count and is less bulky than many other solids on the market. The colors incredibly saturated in the fabric.  The whole look of the blocks is crisp and vibrant, even with the soft tones I am using.

If I had all the time in the world I would probably continue on to make a bed size quilt with these blocks. It would take some time but would be super satisfying. Since my schedule is a little tight right now I am imagining that I will stop in the vicinity of 70 blocks and make a lovely wall quilt instead.

Log Cabin Straight Setting

I am imagining putting these blocks in a Straight Setting. It is one of the classic log cabin layouts and it’s how the log cabin blocks are positioned in the pictures.


I think that with the solid fabrics in the blocks this creates a kind of modern and very graphic statement. It’s pretty fascinating that when we go back in time to look at traditional Amish quilts, this is often what we would have found in a log cabin quilt layout. The rich solid colors and black contrast causing an overall look that, if it hadn’t been made by women on a farm a hundred years ago, we would call modern.  So maybe my little log cabin blocks aren’t modern, maybe they are Amish inspired? What do you think?

I also created a Log Cabin Quilt Kit with the exact fabrics that I am using in my version that comes with 2 booklets of templates (enough for 96 blocks) so you have everything you need to get your quilt top completed.


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