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Do you hoard your favorite fabrics?

by | Jun 28, 2016

At spring Quilt Market this year, fabulous Michael Miller fabric designer Sarah Jane launched her new line “Magic”. It is SOOOOOO freaking cute, and I have a nice pile of it laying here that I will share with you in a few days.

pillowcasesHowever, the new line of fabric reminded me that I hadn’t used up the lovely yardage I had from one of her previous lines,  Wee Wonder.

It is one of those classic cases that I am trying to grow out of: I get a bunch of fabric that I love, then decide that it is so “special” that I can’t use it for anything. So the fabric lays in a shelf in my studio with other special fabrics until it gets old. This is a stupid habit. Don’t do this! Get gorgeous fabric and use it up right away while it is new and beautiful and crisp. There will always be more gorgeous fabric in the future. Mayablanket

So I went home from spring market. Took out all the beautiful Wee Wonder yardage and made 4 gorgeous pillowcases for Maya’s bed. She doesn’t need 4 pillows of course but I like to be propped up when I read to her in bed at night. I took the remaining yardage and mixed it with other cute and girly Michael Miller fabrics and made this VERY quick quilt for her as well.Mayablanket2

I wanted the quilt to be light because of the Phoenix summer heat and utilitarian enough that she can use it up, wash it, etc. It was immediately adapted as a picnic blanket that she shared with all her stuffed friends and her big sister.picnicblanket

The result is that Maya’s bed is a rather happy looking place at the moment and I can’t help but think she has to have happy dreams with these lovely fabrics all around her.


Are you afraid to use up your favorite fabrics?



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