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Fabric Dying: Girl weekend with Gina Perkes

by | Jul 1, 2015

Have you ever dyed your own fabric? It is FUN!

This past weekend I journeyed up to Gina Perkes’ home in Payson, Arizona, for a girl weekend of fabric dying, quilt chatting, and prosecco consumption.

We both had some decent stashes of fiber reactive dyes from Dharma Trading Company, and several bolts of fabric. My fabric was PFD (prepared for dying) while Gina played with fabric that wasn’t but soaked her fabric in soda ash and Syntrapol before dying. Her’s was by far the more economic choice, and seeing how the colors still took beautifully, I am going to follow her lead in the future.

On Saturday afternoon, the 100-degree heat broke as the summer’s first monsoon storm blew with thunderclaps and large heavy rain-drops. For us who lives in Arizona, this feels amazing. We don’t get all that much rain as you may now.

We played with making gradations, but using primary pigments and premixed colors form Dharma. All so very addicting. I think my 7 step gradation of terracotta is one of my favorites from all the different colors I played with this weekend.



I arrived home with a good 25 different shades and colors. They still need to be ironed and documented in my dying log before I can use them. Can’t wait to design a quilt project to utilize them.


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