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10 Fall Fabric Collections to Love this Autumn

by | Sep 3, 2021

As the fall season is fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to check out some fabric collections to incorporate for your quilting projects. 

From vintage bold hues, warm and vibrant color palette to the muted Earth fall colors, we rounded up some of the best fall fabric collections in 2021 that you can use for your next quilting projects. 

Embrace the fall ambiance and get into the spirit of quilting with these gorgeous fall fabric collections in 2021!

fall fabric

1. Season and Spice by Art Gallery Fabrics

As usual, Art Gallery fabrics have created a truly delicious color palette. This Season and Spice autumn fabric collection can easily stand on its own in a quilt or can be blended with other fabric collections or coordinating solids.

2. Little Fawn and Friends by Nina Stanjer for Dear Stella 

If you want to drift away from the typical warm and vibrant autumn color palette, this classic earthy palette might be the one for you. 

Dear Stella launched an earth-tone fabric for their autumn collections that brings a soft touch of a lush forest with an unbelievably sweet rendering of woodland animals.

little fawn fabric

3. Autumn Day by Nancy Mink for Wilmington Prints

This fall quilting fabric has a high contrast of colors that’s easily divisible into darks and lights within the collection. This Autumn Day by Nancy Mink would be a glorious collection to use in a traditional log cabin quilt. I would suggest using a 5-inch log cabin template with this as the wider strops would show off the cute prints of the pumpkins, plaids, and berries.

autumn day fabric

4. Summer’s End by Alison Janssen for Figo Fabrics

Captures the mood of the elusive time between summer and full fall – when the fruit trees start to ripen and summer glory is fading but not yet completely gone with this Summer’s End fabric collection by Alison Janssen. 

I would love to make a simple quilt with relatively large blocks using our best-selling 7-inch log cabin paper piecing templates to incorporate into this collection. It will surely be a gorgeous autumn log cabin quilt!

summer end fabric

5. Adel in Autumn by Sandy Gervais for Riley Blake

If you prefer purchasing fat quarter bundles, this autumn collection of Adel in Autumn by Sandy Gervais is the perfect choice for your fall quilt project. 

It is a lovely collection of smaller-scale prints. It is traditional but with a little more contrast and cheerfulness than the typical reproduction style collections. Perfect to pair with our large log cabin paper piecing templates.

adel in autumn fabric
adel in autumn fabric

6. Grandma’s Garden by Indy Bloom for Hawthorne Supply Co.

If you want to achieve a vintage look in your quilts, opt for Grandma’s Garden by Hawthorne Supply. This collection is digitally printed on fabric by demand. 

The texture of these fabrics is not my favorite because the ink gives a vibe that it’s an extra layer on top of the fabric. But even with that, this beautiful fall collection of Hawthorne Supply would be lovely to incorporate into a late summer and early autumn quilts theme.  

Also, it’s really cool that you can choose between different scales of the same design. Surely, one of the advantages of on-demand fabric printing.

grandma garden fabric

7. Hello Fall by Hannah West for Henry Glass Fabrics

This autumn fat quarter bundle from Hannah West is a great addition to your fabric collection. 

This traditional fall fabric has beautiful autumnal patterns of flowers, leaves, pumpkins, and squirrels that will surely give an elegant and cozy look to your quilts. The small prints are perfect for log cabin quilt projects and small-scale paper piecing.

hello fall fat quarter bundle
hello fall fat quarter bundle

8. Folk Tale By Lella Boutique for Moda

Not a traditional autumn fabric collection, but this Folktale by Lella Boutique has a great color scheme for early fall. 

You can play down the whites and get extra yellows, browns, and peaches in this collection. This might be a perfect color combination to use when doing our mini pincushion patterns!

folktale fat quarter bundle

9. Homestead Harvest by Julie Letvin for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Here’s another autumn quilting fabric that you might want to try – a beautiful traditional collection of Homestead Harvest by Julie Letvin. 

This Civil War-era reproduction line has an old-fashioned pattern of leaves, flowers, and shapes in a wonderful blend of browns, tans, blues, and yellows. This fabric can make a wonderful scrappy quilt or you can pair it with other fabric lines or prints to make a vintage quilt project.

harvest fat quarter bundle
harvest fat quarter bundle

10. Hope Blooms by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda

Another lovely traditional small-scale collection. This Hope Blooms Fat Quarter Bundle of Kansas Troubles Quilters is a perfect choice if you want Earth tones for your next quilts. I would like to take out most of the blues and whites and only use the cheddar, orange, reds, browns, and blacks to create a strong autumn mood.


hope blooms fat quarter bundle
hope blooms fat quarter bundle

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