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Finished Cotton&Steel Quilt

by | Sep 2, 2015

Mochi_trianglesI just realized that ALL my blogposts seem to be about fabric that I love and collect and tell you that I am using, but I haven’t really shown off a finished quilt in a while. Well, I actually do finish a few here and there. Some of them I can’t show you because they are for publication, but since most of those quilts are appliqué, I have had this rather desperate need to also piece easy quilts this past spring and summer.

Here is a quilt I made in the early summer. I have shown the quilt top before, but not the finished project. I used a layer cake pack of Rashida Coleman Hale’s Mochi Collection from Cotton & Steel. The pack didn’t have quite enough fabric for the size quilt I wanted so I supplemented with some japanese fabric I had laying around, and then gave it the Felicia treatment by adding a blue-green tartan I picked up in Scotland a few years ago.

I am SOOOOO hooked on tartan fabric. It just makes your quilt instantly funky – especially when partnered with modern fabrics like cotton and steel, or maybe Cloud9? It is like having a bit of Alexander McQueen in your living room!

This quilt is meant to be used for my secret afternoon naps so I wanted to keep it soft. That meant not adding too much quilting, I just did sections of diagonal stripes in hot pink that flowed with the rectangles.

YoshikoJBackingAnother thing I have decided to become more careful with is what I put on the back of my quilts. For the longest time I was DIRT CHEAP and would get the cheapest muslin or bottom shelf cotton from JoAnn’s but I have decided over the last year or two that it is more fun to piece your backing from your stash – it is a great way to use up some of those nice-but-difficult-to-use fabrics, or fabrics that are pretty but a little dated.

I also found that I can find really cool and funky fabrics in the sales section at my local quilt store. the other day I walked out with 12 yards of  super-funky Alison Glass. Why don’t people in Phoenix buy these fabrics? Lucky me.

On this particular quilt I used three yards of Yoshiko Jinzenji fabric from Yuwa. Pretty luxurious, I admit, but I didn’t have the heart to cut up the 3 yard panel into a pieced quilt anyway so now it is there in its intact beauty on the back of my quilt. Then, to not seem like I am actually an organized person, I added some old Kaffe stripe fabric and a bit of Michael Miller in the bottom corner.

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