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Hand Quilting with 12wt Aurifil

by | Sep 29, 2015

HeartquiltingIn Norway we have a saying that translates to something like this; “The shoemaker’s children run barefoot.”

My 3 year old daughter has plenty of shoes, but I have never made her a quilt. Sure, I crocheted two infant blankets for her, but no quilt. My two stepdaughters both sleep under quilts that  I made for them, but Maya sleeps under a quilt that was made before she was even conceived….

I have decided to remedy this issue and I am currently working on a simple quilt for my little beam of sunshine. This is meant to be a utility quilt that will get washed and loved. I used super cute Teagan White fabric from Birch Fabrics and made simple pinwheels alternated with solid blocs. The fabric is busy, so there was no point in getting complicated with the piecing. For once I actually made a one-line quilt because I am simply SOOOO enamored with this fabric and I didn’t have the heart to put any other fabrics into the mix.

I layered the quilt with Tuscan Collection Wool batting which I know from experience washes well in the machine. (The quilt Maya used in daycare and that got washed EVERY week for a couple of years had this wool in it and even though it was quilted loosely, it held up just fine though the fabric is faded and blotchy from the chlorine they used in day-care.)

To keep the quilt soft I am taking the time to hand quilt it and rather than using traditional quilting thread I am using Aurifil 12wt which shows up and looks super cute.

SmokeyquiltThe wool batting is irresistible, as evidenced by fuzzy-man-cat who immediately decided it was the appropriate surface to sit on while staring at the lizard outside my window.

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