I love this part of making a quilt

Don’t we all have our most favorite and least favorite parts of making a quilt?

  • Planning
  • Selecting fabric
  • Cutting
  • Starting to piece
  • Seeing how the blocks go together
  • Assembling the quilt top
  • Basting (if basting is your favorite part I want to talk to you about that)
  • Quilting
  • Binding

Personally, I love the planning and designing stage the most, but I am also really excited to lay out blocks and see how they all go together before the quilt top gets assembled. Making little rearrangements and tweaking color schemes  often happens in this stage for me.planning_and_tweaking

The basting and quilting stage just doesn’t make me as excited, but I am working on it. I really like hand quilting but I don’t usually have time to finish my quilts that way.  Even though I have an awesome sewing machine, machine quilting is not my forte. I am working on my quilting skills and scheduling time just to practice so maybe I will get better and then learn to like it.

The other day I was working on a quilt I am making using Island Batik’s blender and basics collections. I am going to call this quilt Jaelyn’s Sunshine because the strong colors and the whimsical butterflies and flowers remind me of my 5 year old step-daughter when she is in a good mood. (I could also make a quilt called “Jaelyn’s Thunder” or “Jaelyn doesn’t like her dinner” but who wants to hear about that, really? I would prefer, when she is a little older, to only remember her sunny side at five).

Either way, I had fused all the applique blocks for this quilt and was laying them out on the floor to get a feel of what this may look like before I started sewing.

What is your favorite stage in the creation of a quilt?



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