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Irish Chain with Cotton Couture

by | Apr 8, 2015

strip_piecingDon’t you love the first stages of making a quilt? Getting the idea, thinking about it, choosing the fabric, cutting and then starting to sew? Nothing has gone wrong yet. You don’t even know yet that your seam allowances are a little off or that your fabric is going to stretch.

That is where I was last night. I have always loved the simplicity of Irish chain quilts and with all the fun but REALLY slow hand appliqué I am doing these days ( I can’t show it to you yet), I needed a fun side-project that will give some more immediate satisfaction.

I am working from my stash of delicious-colored Michael Miller Cotton couture. Technically this will be a “double” Irish Chain with the quilt being mainly light blush pink and the chains muted greens and charcoal.

I will post more as the project progresses.


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