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Kylie and Jaelyn’s Advent Calendar

by | Oct 29, 2013

It is almost that time of the year again….holiday season. For the last two years my two adorable step daughters Kylie and Jaelyn have had an advent calendar that I made for them. It has been a hit. Jaelyn, who was four years old last Christmas started asking in the beginning of November when the calendar would be up (Answer: December 1st).


One day I will make a calendar for each of the girls. You know, when I get lost of time on my hands….but this year Kylie and Jaelyn gets to share the one we have again. Maya is only going to be 21 months so I am holding off on giving her a calendar until next year when she is a little older.

Typically I fill the pockets with little crafty gift: Glue sticks, stickers, tiny notepads, beads, pencils, and scotch tape (hoping they will leave mine alone). It all has to be wrapped of course. there is also some candy. World Market always have lovely European chocolate figures that taste great and give the girls a little buzz in the morning after their egg and bacon breakfast.



I am thinking about making a pattern for this one to sell on the site. Let me know if you would be interested in it and I may get going on it.