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Making A Surprise Gift: Sharon Holland Pinwheels

by | Sep 10, 2015

Inger_flatPinwheels are one of my favorite quilt elements. I love everything about them including making them. I love how they add a quaint and traditional feel to quilts.  To me they just shout naiveté.

One of the most exiting new fabric designers to come on the scene over the last year or two is Sharon Holland. She designs for Art Gallery and her first fabric line “Gossamer” was my starting point for this quilt-top ( I can’t really say quilt, because at this point it is JUST a quilt top and this girl needs to stop making more of those and turn all the ones she has already made into actual quilts)

I picked out all the cool hues from Sharon’s collection. and paired it with pure white fabric and a bit of peachy pink and light blue solids.

Inger_detailLove the light airy feel of this, and it will be the perfect gift for one of my oldest friends. If you have ever been to her house you will know that this quilt is intended for her.

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