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Online Bee with Lindsay Conner

by | Nov 13, 2013

Lindsay_conner_webLindsay Conner was busy signing her new book when I found her at Quilt Market.  Modern Bee is just out by Stash Books and it is a sweet collection of simple and modern  quilts that were designed by Lindsay’s quilting group, the Mod Stitches Bee.

What really perked my interest about Lindsay’s book was the quilting bee angle. Rather than sitting at home and sweating over your quilting in isolation, Lindsay opens the door to the rich community of online quilting bees that exist at various social networking sites. Who knew? I sure didn’t, but know I am truly intrigued!

In her book Lindsay gives loads of valuable advise on creating, managing, joining and participating in on-line quilting bees. The whole idea of creating a quilt along with crafters from all over the US and the rest of the world was so appealing to me that I immediately signed up for a quilting bee on Flickr that starts in a few weeks. I will keep you posted as that project develops.

Linday is very active in the online community. She is the co-editor of www.craftbuds.com and she has her own blog called www.lindsaysews.com. Check them out when you need a bit of inspiration.

In the mean time, Lindsay took the time to answer some questions about herself and her crafting journey.

What inspires you to quilt in an online bee? What do you see as the greatest advantages for a quilter in joining an online quilting be?

An online or in-person quilting bee is a wonderful way to get to know other quilters and to grow your skill-set by trying out new block patterns or fabric combinations you never would have tried on your own. I really enjoy making quilts, but the repetitive nature of making the same style of block, one after the other, gets to me sometimes. A bee allows you to share this work of making blocks with fellow quilters, and you get more variety into your routine by making blocks for them!

As a quilter, how do you get your ideas and inspiration?

My favorite way to get inspiration is by taking photos on vacation, or even with my phone while I’m out and about. There’s always something interesting in the sidewalk, a fence, a building or nature that makes me think of the potential for a quilt design.

What are your favorite quilting tools, books, or notions?

I love my long 24″ x 6″ O’Lipfa ruler, because the edge hooks onto the end of a cutting mat to prevent slipping. I collect so many quilting books that it’s hard to choose a favorite, but by far the most prominent in my collection are from Stash Books, because I adore the photography and design. I get inspired every time I flip through them.

If you had to commit to a color scheme to quilt in for the next 2 years, which colors would you pick?

This is easy, because I’ve been stuck on grey, yellow and aqua for the last couple of years, and I still love the combo! I used these colors for a quilt, a pair of curtains, our baby’s nursery and my blog layout. Can’t get enough. 🙂

What are you quilting now and what is your next project going to be?

I’m putting together some bee blocks from my do Good Stitches bee, which are based on the Mosaic Tiles pattern (January’s block) from “Modern Bee.” My next project is organizing an online quilt along during mid-December through early February to go along with the book, so I’ll be snapping photos as I assemble the quilt top!

Is there a quilting skill that you would love to learn or improve upon?

 I’d love to amp up my free-motion quilting skills! I’ll probably branch out beyond a stipple, squares or swirls on my next mini quilt, which is a good way to practice.

Do you have any favorite quilting related websites, blogs, or online communities?

I write for a few different blogs other than my own, two of which are Crafty’s quilting blog and the site CraftFoxes  I have also always enjoyed Sew Mama Sew and the community they foster for sewists online.

For a quilter who wants to join a bee, what is a first few steps you would recommend?

Since my first bee was a local, in-person bee, I’d start by asking any other quilters you know if they’d like to try one. If you live in a remote area, I’ve compiled some resources to help you get connected with other quilters online at the Modern Bee book website 

If people want to learn more about your work, where can they find you?

I blog at Lindsay Sews (www.lindsaysews.com) and Craft Buds (www.craftbuds.com)


Thank you, Lindsay, for inspiring more community in the internet based quilting world!