Springy March Pincushion PDF Quilt Pattern

The March Pincushion in our Year of Pincushion Series is here and ready to be personalized and added to your sewing studio (or sewing corner or table as the case may be). 

This month we were a little motivated to move away from winter and towards spring! We designed an adorable but quick applique cushion top with crocus and daisy flowers in vases. The side panels are Foundation Paper Pieced in a pretty chevron pattern. 


pincushion quilt pattern

The March Pincushion with cute handmade pins from Nadelwerk on Etsy.


Fabric for the Pincushion

For the March Pincushion Quilt, Felicia dug into her long-treasured pile of Japanese taupe fabrics coupled with some newer pastels that were looking for use. The pastels are very muted and soft and to avoid making the pincushion look washed out and overly cotton-candy-cute, we used a Japanese yarn-dyed in brown and gray as the background. The result is sweet but gets a more grown-up feel than if we had used a light main fabric. 

If you are interested in growing a little collection of Japanese fabrics like the ones I used, there is a little shopping guide in the pattern. 

Another really great option for approaching this pincushion is to use a 5-inch charm pack for your fabrics. The 5-inch fabric squares are big enough for all aspects of the pincushion except the applique background of the top panel and the bottom panel. 


pincushion quilt pattern

Pincushion Techniques

The March Pincushion uses a mix of hand applique and  Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP). The top panel is hand-appliqued except for the little yellow stamens on the purple flowers – we simply embroidered those with little satin stitches with embroidery floss. The side panels are made with FPP and the foundations are included in the pattern. This makes the piecing easy and accurate. 

Pincushion Assembly

The pincushion is assembled from one top and one bottom panel as well as four side panels. We have included instructions in the pattern for assembling the pincushion quilt by hand as well as by machine. We realize that some quilters may find that they have more control over the process and prefer one technique over another. 


pincushion quilt pattern

What is Included with the Pincushion Pattern?

The March Quilted Pincushion Pattern comes with detailed instructions for creating the top and side panels, as well as for assembling the pincushion. 

Here’s the inclusion in the pattern:

  1. Detailed written instructions for creating the pincushion top and side panels.
  2. Full-size placement diagram for the applique on the pincushion top.
  3. Printable applique templates for use with freezer paper or Wash-Away-Applique-Sheets
  4. Foundation templates for piecing the pincushion sides. 
  5. Detailed written instructions for assembling the pincushion quilt pattern. 

To get your March Pincushion Pattern and join us for “A Year Of Pincushions”, visit our shop and get your downloadable pincushion quilt pattern today! We love to see what you make, so if you are so inclined, post your work in progress or your finished quilted pincushion to Instagram and use the hashtag #yearofpincushions. 


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