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Stash-buster: Trip Around the World

by | Sep 8, 2015

Trip around the world top
Here is a giant piecing marathon I undertook this summer. As you may have noticed, I have been on a quest to make simple “utility” quilts. Partly because it has been a while since I actually made large utility quilts and my bed quilts are actually starting to look a bit faded.

But I am also making these because I have a REALLY large stash of fabric, much of which I have had for 5-10 years. I wanted to give these fabrics a function rather than to let them waste away in my cabinets. I also believe that moving fabric out lets me move new and exciting fabrics in – on a spiritual level you are creating room for new impulses and ideas and more beauty and creativity to flourish.

The starting point for this quilt was the cinnamon shot cotton from Kaffe Fassett. I dig the color and at the time that I bought it I was into earth tones without limit. But then that phase wore off before I cut into this fabric and the end result is that I had 3 yards of this laying in my stash. I added a pile of older Kaffe stripes that I adore and didn’t have to “heart to cut up” when it was new and exciting and then random other Alison Glass, Brandon Mably etc. to the pile.

All in all, I am pretty sure I used upwards of 12-15 yards of fabric for this one and it actually made a dent in my cabinets. It wasn’t the most exciting quilt to make. 625  5″ squares sewn together gets pretty repetitive and the darn thing measures 112″ square so I haven’t even ironed the quilt top, much less basted and quilted it…as you can see. I will have to do that on a day when I feel like self-punishing a bit.

Given the size, this puppy was hard to photograph without a team of firefighters to climb ladders and hold it up for me, but you get the gist. I jammed it under the neighbors lemon tree branches along the fence. Thought the unripe lemons looked rather striking against the cinnamon-magenta-purple background.

Neighbours lemons

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