UFO Quest

The other day my mom was on the phone and told me she had finally finished a quilt with blocks that had been laying around since the late 80’s. The blocks were given to her by a friend and she had finally sat down and assembled a quilt from them! Talk about UFO!


This made me look around my office at all the unfinished projects that are laying around. Some recent, many old. I really believe lots of UFO’s are a bad thing. When I am working on something these unfinished projects are always creating a pull and a distractios. It is like they have energy fields that are interfering with what I am doing….ehhhh….does that sounds a BIT new age?

Whether science agrees with me about this energy field theory, I decided to try to reduce my UFO number and attack an easy project first: Two small cross-stitched pieces that have been laying around since about 2004…seriously.

All they needed were to be sewn into little pillows, stuffed, and then I made some cording and sewed it on.


Now, instead of two UFO’s I have a cute Christmas ornament for next year and a new pin cushion. Much better than two silly UFO’s.


How are you feeling about UFO’s? Please share your own stories.



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