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Urban Cool with Megan Frock

by | Nov 13, 2013


One of the coolest things about this years quilt market was visiting with the young and hip quilters, bloggers, and book authors there. I ended up chatting with a few of them and they were all gracious enough to answer questions about themselves and their journeys. Over the next few weeks I will be posting profiles of these talented women and their books and projects.

I met Megan the first few day of market when she was giving a little school house presentation on her new book, The Hand Embroidered Haven which is available from f+w Media, or you can just go and check it out on Amazon

Megan looks as cool and modern as her designs; Lanky, pretty, platinum blonde and dressed in black and white. She radiates a slightly punky urban spirit. If I met her at a party, I would never have guessed that she is an accomplished embroidery and quilt designer. As it turns out, Megan is actually a formally trained painter with a special interest in street art. This makes sense.  Her eclectic taste and workmanship shows up clearly in her beautiful new book which incorporates embroidery and twilling into cool, urban, and whimsical projects that are appropriate for all skill levels.

Megan was kind enough to answer some questions about her world of quilting so that we can all get to know her better:

Why do you think that embroidery and handwork is an important part of modern quilting? 

I don’t necessarily consider myself a modern quilter. The style is modern but the techniques are traditional for the most part! Handwork is something I feel very passionate about! It’s a skill I feel is being underutilized. So many sewist today want a quick turn around, that’s a great feeling but handwork is an art. When you look at handwork you instantly know the time and effort that it takes. I also like the idea that handwork was around before sewing machines and with the right project handwork is considered treasured keepsakes.   

 Do you have any advise for quilters who have never incorporated hand embroidery into their projects before?

My only advice would be to take your time, enjoy the process and don’t worry about imperfections (they add character).

As a quilter, where do you find your ideas and inspirations?

My background is not in sewing or design. I have a degree in mixed media painting. In that degree I studied graffiti, low-brow art and street art. That’s where I draw inspiration. Actually, my favorite mixed media artist is Ghada Amer. Her media is embroidery but on a completely different level then the sewing industry. 

 If you had to choose a color scheme to work with for the next 2 years, which colors would you pick?

 That’s easy because I always find myself coming back to the same palette. Red, turquoise and mustard. What most would call urban primary colors. Also, just to spice it up I may have to add in neon pink on occasion! 

Can you tell us what you are working on right now?

Unfortunately I can’t tell too much about my own designs for the future but I can tell you what I am working on just for fun! Right now I’m making a quilt using English paper piecing which is another great form of handwork!    

What are a few of the projects you dream about doing next?

 I would love to focus on nursery and little-one projects. Specifically embroidery and fabric!  

 Is there a quilting related skills you dream about learning or improving?

I would love to be able to read crochet patterns! I can crochet what my grandmother has taught me but I can’t actually read the patterns! One day when I have time!    

If people want to learn more about your work, where can they find you online?

 I love social media! My website is www.downtownhousewife.com but for a more interactive look I can be found on twitter, instagram, facebook and pinterest as Downtown Housewife!   


Thank you, Megan, for bringing your gorgeous work to all of us!