wonderclips1Maybe  I am a bit slow, but I have just discovered Craftsy.com in the last few months. What an AWESOME website!

For those of you don’t know the website yet, it is basically an online craft school that has a some fabulous high quality quilting classes. Craftsy isn’t limited to quilting. They have courses in garment sewing, photography, cake decorating, crochet… it is a bit intoxicating to think what I may be able to learn without leaving my sewing studio.

What impresses me most about Craftsy is that they tackle “serious” quilting techniques including machine quilting, beginning quilting, long arm quilting, piecing techniques etc. They also have classes that are design oriented. There is for example one course on designing modern quilts.

All of the Craftsy courses are taught by well recognized teachers who are experts in their field and so it is that I am currently enrolled in Mimi Dietrich’s class on binding and finishing edges of the quilt. Now, I have been quilting for about 15 years and so I like to think that I know how to put binding on quilts at this point. But the thing is that I am almost completely self-taught so I love the idea of actually getting some proper lecturing on how these things should be done.

walkingfootMimi’s video course is working out great and I watch it as I eat lunch every day. Even though I know how to do most of it, she provides lots of little tips and hints that increase precision and make the quilt look more put together.

Mimi’s first technique in the course is to use the backing to bind the quilt. This is a technique that I had sworn that I would never do on a quilt because in my self-righteous do-it-the-slow-way philosophy that it would cheapen the quilt. However, taking Mimi’s class coincided with my quest to complete the unfinished quilts that are sucking energy out of my studio: I found that I have multiple projects that could really benefit from some seriously rapid binding techniques.

Here you see my little brown-pink scrappy nine patch that even includes some fabrics I purchased as a little kid (I started early with the fabric obsession).

Mimi also had me convinced to try the little Wonder Clips from Clover to fold and attach the binding.  They are working out great! Love them, but you need A LOT of them to get around a quilt so I had to do my binding in sections. finished_binding

This little former UFO ended up being a vehicle for several educational experiences after spending 5+ years in the UFO pile:

  • I practiced free motion quilting on it using my new Bernina Stitch Regulator on my Bernina 880.
  • I learned to use the back of the quilt as a binding – yay! Awesome when you are making a quilt you really just want to be DONE.
  • I got to use the cool edge-foot attachment for my walking foot to sew on the binding and it was ridiculously easy and I fell a little deeper in love with my sewing machine.
  • I got familiar with the little Wonder Clips.

If you haven’t visited Craftsy yet, check it out at www.craftsy.com

If you are a Craftsy veteran, tell us which were your favorite courses.


4 thoughts on “Craftsy, Mimi Dietrich, and Wonder Clips

  1. I signed up for the one that you do quilting large quilts on your home machine. I learned a few new techniques that has made my quilting easier!
    I always thought that quilts were to be self bound (where you use the backing to bind) it seems all the older quilts I’ve seen were done that way. I personally attach a binding coz I just don’t seem to get enough backing to gold it over to bind!!!

    1. That is interesting. I will pay more attention to the binding next time I am looking at old quilts. I am signed up for the Craftsy class on quilting large quilts as well. I haven’t started it yet though. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    1. Do you mean the border fabric? I have had it for a REALLY long time and I don’t think you can get it any more.

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