Here is a peek for you of a really fun log-cabin project I have been kinda addicted to for the last few days. I have been hankering to make a sunshine yellow and white quilt for many years and now I am finally doing it! I cut up about 50 different yellowish fabrics so far, with input of orange, peach, and pink.

YellowLogCabin1 YellowLogCabin2 YellowLogCabin3 YellowLogCabin4 YellowLogCabin7 YellowLogCabin6 YellowLogCabin5

The superstars in this quilt are the little glimmers of Liberty fabric. I have, after much fretting, I decided to use some of my rather precious, imported from Tokyo, Liberty Hello Kitty fabrics. They are just so darn exquisite!

And I LOVE how they just add this playful little detail to the blocks.

What do you have in your stash that is too precious to use?


2 thoughts on “Fun Log Cabin with Liberty Hello Kitty

  1. Log cabins are my favorite blocks. This is really beautiful! It will be an exquisite quilt when it is complete! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Julie, thank you. I love them too. To me they are the quintessential patchwork, my earliest memories of quilts were always log-cabin.

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