It is the last day of the blog tour today! We have had the most wonderful blogs participating over the last 10 days and I am so grateful that all these lovely people and companies have participated!

Today it is my turn! We are giving away:

1 )  $50 gift certificate to shop online at Michael Miller Fabrics!  (U.S. Entrants only due to shipping costs)

2) One Copy of The Quiltmaker’s Butterfly Forest. (U.S. winners will receive hard copy in the mail. International Entrants will receive an e-book version)

How to enter the Give-Away:

Simply leave me a comment below and then follow the blog (tell me why you love butterflies, why you love appliqué, what you love about quilting, or something else you would like to share). The winner will be drawn as a random number from the entered comments on Tuesday 2/28/17.

Thank you again to all the lovely blogs that have participated in the blog-tour. Many of the give-aways are still open so I recommend you check out the links below.

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55 thoughts on “Give-Away! Win A Copy of The Quiltmaker’s Butterfly Forest and A Michael Miller Gift Certificate!

  1. I love applique because it gives a different dimension to quilts rather than squares and triangles. I would love to applique butterflies and I haven’t done any yet.

  2. My very first quilt was a butterfly one made by my grandmother – loved it to shreds! Butterflies remain one of my favorite quilt designs! Your book looks lovely – congratulations on its publication!!! churcae(at)auburn(dot)edu

  3. I love the movie that shows the travels of the monarch butterfly. My favorite look on a quilt is needle turn applique, but sometimes other methods are fast er and easier.

  4. I have loved and collected butterfies for years. Not only are they beautiful and unique they are a sign of rebirth and new beginnings! So when I see a butterfly I think of new beginnings of great things! Within in a quilt you can share all of it with everyone to enjoy!

  5. I live in the country and have always loved butterflies. I love appliqué because I can take small projects with me to sew when I have the time. I always carry handwork with me.

  6. Because our guild is having a challenge to make a mini quilt with the theme of our Quilt Show (Butterfly Wings and Flying Things), I was drawn to your book. I love applique and butterflies and flower wreaths together is perfect for my style. I would love to win this book.

  7. Hi Brenda…listened to your Podcast with Pat Sloan…great discussion on retreats. It’s too bad I live so far away, but you never know…ifI’m in MI sometime, I’ll look you up. If you are ever in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach, would love to take a class.
    I love butterflies because they are so elusive and beautiful. Love attracting them in my small garden area.
    I’m new to applique but looking forward to trying your butterflies. I’m a relatively new quilter…about two years now. Love piecing…not into major quilting yet. Have tried a few smaller QAYGo quilt methods which turned out ok. Thanks for the great Podcast with Pat.

  8. I love butterflies because they look like magic in the air, I love appliqué because it is fun to work with and reminds me so much of my grandmother’s work from 40+ years ago, and what I love about quilting is that there is something special created when I am complete with my work~

  9. Butterflies are graceful and uplifting. When incorporated into a quilt they inspire and add grace to world through quilts. How wonderful is that.

  10. I Love Butterflies! I have collected them for years.Not only are they beautiful, they are unique, a sign of rebirth. Bright vibrant colors fluttering about pollinating flowers! What better way to show that but in a quilt. Congradulations on your new book. Your cover is Gorgeous!

  11. I am sorry I missed your trunk show and class at BC last week. Your work in the new book is just as beautiful as “My Cozy Village.” Butterflies are fantastic creatures–who doesn’t love them!? We go to the butterfly exhibit at Desert Botanical Garden every spring, but I admit I haven’t gotten around to putting butterflies in any of my quilts yet. Congrats and thank you for the opportunity to win.

  12. Love your beautiful butterflies. I’m going to combine Felicia’s pattern with wool, cotton and velvet. Then I’m going to add the embellishment stitches of Sue Spargo. Should be a wonderful combination. I always think of beautiful colors and designs when I see butterflies! Thank you Felicia.

  13. Your book looks so terrific! I love butterflies and plant flowers in my yard that attract them. Where I live the swallowtails are frequent visitors during the summer. Thanks for the chance to win your book.

  14. My quilting is the only thing that helps me keep some sanity after losing my husband 2 months ago, and for sites like yours help also with all the beauty. thanks

  15. hi – I love quilting – always makes me feel like I accomplished something – I love butterflies because it means summer – I love applique – my first quilt was applique – thank you for the chance to win your wonderful book.

  16. Felicia, I love butterfly’s I even have a huge butterflies garden in my yard. What better applique is there than beautiful colorful flowers, birds and butterflies. Thank for a chance to win a prize.

  17. Here in Florida we get to see butterflies all year a round . There were 3monarchs in our backyard this weekend cavorting about. For me, they bring back a childlike awe of what is beautiful in this world-butterflies are so beautiful and graceful . I’ll be listening to you and Pat Sloan in the car tomorrow which is when I listen to her podcasts!

  18. This has been a fun hop and such a pretty book. Congrats. I love everything about quilting, and hope to make another butterfly quilt. Thanks.

  19. Hi Felicia, I found you via Pat Sloan’s podcast and the picture of your new book in her newsletter. Butterflies are such an example of God’s creativity and I want to emulate that in my work. I am just a beginner but have enjoyed learning different techniques and dreaming of how to put the new found knowledge to work. Hope I win your book, would so enjoy making these either for myself of as a gift.
    God bless

  20. I am crazy about butterflies and when they are combined with flowers, that takes the butterflies over the top! Although I have done only a little applique, it is peaceful and relaxing.

  21. I just discovered your lovely blog through this blog hop and am now following on Bloglovin. I love applique because it is portable and relaxing, and it gives me a chance to use the beautiful scraps that I don’t want to throw away. And the butterfly patterns in this book are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Nice to meet you! I signed up for following in Bloglovin and your email.
    Your butterflies are lovely in Island Batiks!
    I think I’ve loved butterflies for a long time, but recently started remembering how much. I love them for their diversity, many colors, gracefulness. I’ve seen so many butterfly patterns lately, that I want to make a butterfly sampler quilt. Maybe it’s also because butterflies and flowers go together, and I have a husband and 3 sons, so I make a lot of masculine quilts. I’d love to make something more “delicate” looking and feminine. Your book just looks beautiful, as artwork and patterns! I want to try your appliqué!

  23. Would LOVE to get my hands on this book- I love applique and butterflies! I might add it’s my birthday on Tuesday and what a fantastic gift this would be!!

  24. I have been raising monarchs in my yard (and my kitchen!) for a few years. I also love appliqué, but have never done butterflies. I feel my next quilt coming on! I heard about you on Pat Sloan’s podcast.

  25. I love quilting because it gives me an outlet for creating something pretty and lets me play with fabric! I have several pieces that I’ve made with appliqued butterflies and each is unique!

  26. Butterflies are the symbol of new life. They’re so beautiful too. I like applique but have not done a lot of it, although I’m always up for learning new things!

  27. Oh how I love butterflies. I have five little ones tattooed on my ankle. To me they mean many things but most of all new life and freedom

  28. New to quilting and am learning so much with Pat Sloan. Would love to learn applique as I just Love the beautiful quilts done with it. Slowly learning how to do it. Practice practice….

  29. My daughter is an entomology major and I’ve made her a dragonfly quilt already. Would love to make some butterflies to go with it!

  30. I’d love to win the book and or the fabric. I love butterflies as they are great pollinators and so necessary to the plant world.

  31. I love the bright colors of butterflies, and applique is a fun and decorative art. I love them both. Quilting gives me a sense of accomplishment, and is very calming. I learn something new with every quilt.

  32. thank you for the chance to win this wonderful book. i have recently taken a class w/mark lapinski. what a wonderful inspiration for all. and i had the great chance for a retreat w/my local quilt club. a butterfly very much parallels the life of a human. i feel that i am in the Chrysalis stage. i have been making “safe” quilts for donation for so long, now its time for the next metamorphosis. from the outside i may just be resting, but inside is where all the action is. i’m done resting and ready for new challenges and i feel this beautifully illustrated book will give me the inspiration for new challenges. so help me earn my wings!

  33. My love of butterflies is connected with my daughter. When she was a little girl she use to tell me that when she grew up she was going to become a butterfly and fly away. I have only done needle turn applique, which I love to do in front of the TV. I find it very relaxing. I do have raw edge applique on my list to learn and do.

  34. Just discovered your tutorials after hearing you on Pat Sloans show. The faster LIFE whizzes by, the more I appreciate the calming, steadying affect of creating with my hands.

  35. I love butterflies, because they represent freedom to go wherever you want to me. Growing up on the farm my dad farmed by day and worked in a factory by night to support his wife and 6 children. My mom didn’t drive, so we were stuck on the farm all the time, except when we had to go to school and church. I always thought it would be nice to be like the butterflies, so pretty and dainty and able to just go anywhere. :D

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