Jaelyns_StockingTwo weeks ago I ambitiously took a squash lesson, thinking this could be my new sport. It was fun! Really fun, that is, until I heard a loud crack and then I was on the floor. Turns out my achilles tendon on my right leg (yes, my sewing foot as well as the driving foot) was completely ripped off.

Last week was surgery time and then I spent a few days laying in bed, leg bandaged and propped on a tower of pillows.  Every few hours I ingested little white pills that not only took the pain away, but also made me feel pretty relaxed out about the prospect of at least five weeks of absolutely no weight bearing activity.

Tuesday I decided the little white pills gotta go. Besides the mental stupidity they induce, the pain really wasn’t bad enough to warrant this kind of zombie-mode (After becoming a mom everything now gets compared to giving birth. Post operative pain for torn achilles doesn’t even come close).

To my delight I discovered that while laying in bed all happy and relaxed while Patrick managed 3 kids, brought me all my meals in bed, fetched me water, and generally became super-husband ( I think I should quilt him a cape), I had nevertheless managed to almost finish Jaelyn’s Christmas stocking! I had been working on this thing on and off for two years and I had made some progress in Norway this summer. However,  the 5000 or so stitches that goes into that checkered top border is beyond boring so I was stalling. Turned out to be the perfect project to do on little white pills!

Last night, after having been served pancakes with homemade raspberry jam in bed (yes, that super-husband cape needs to be made, though the raspberry jam is a courtesy of my dad) I put in the last couple of hours and VOILA!!!!!

I finished 2 needlework projects yesterday!!!!!


Nothing is ever so bad that you can’t get something good out of it.





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