ChaosI would like you to think that I live in a pristine home artfully decorated with quilts and needlework. I would like to give the impression that my studio is a large expanse of work surfaces enriched with neat storage for a highly organized pile of fabrics and thread. I would like to imagine that my days are spent wearing chic knee-high boots that makes clicking sounds on the smooth hardwood floors in my studio. I would like to pretend that I work efficiently on one project at a time, and that I am business savvy, and that I get up at 5am in the morning to work out before my productive day in my above mentioned studio.

Reality 1: The boring stucco clad home that we are renting has the most horrid dark green carpet you have ever seen! In every room excepting bathrooms, kitchen and hallways. Is swallows the light and is an awful backdrop for a person who doesn’t have a design wall but tend to use the floor.

Reality 2: I ripped my achilles tendon in August. This was not pleasant but one surgery and a few weeks on crutches should have been enough to make me functional again. Instead, the surgical incision split open and the tendon started to poke through at the back of my ankle. My surgeon sewed it shut again with big ugly sutures that makes a hand quilter cringe. It split open again, it became a non-healing wound. 10 weeks later I still have a festering awful wound about 2 inches  in diameter at the back of my ankle. The kind of wound you expect in people with uncontrolled diabetes, not a physically active woman with no other health problem. My tendon is apparently healing fine but I can’t keep my leg down because of the wound for any length of time and that makes sewing, cutting, and ironing almost impossible with any level of efficiency.

Reality 3: I am not very good at staying with one project under the best of circumstances. Right now I am getting projects into the ready position but they execute extremely slowly due to reality #2. Piles of stuff is building up in my office and looking rather untidy.

Reality 4: Also due to reality #2, I am wearing a large bandage on one foot, and I am wearing ugly clogs because I can’t deal with a heal cap. I bought myself a lovely pair of over-the-knee Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots as a birthday gift – but I can’t wear them. Stylish Felicia is taking a break and has at least temporarily been replaced by Frumpy Felicia who wears ugly mules and sweatpants and is converting lean muscle to body fat at an alarming speed.


So I have been feeling a bit down lately, if you can’t tell. But today I looked around my messy sewing room (with the awful green carpet) and thought about how many great things I have going for me right now:

1) My quilt, Tiputini, was accepted into the AQS Albuquerque show in January.

2) I have no less than 4 magazine articles in various quilt magazines coming out in 2015 so far – which is one of the reason there is so much sewing to be done.

3) I have 3 projects in 3 different magazines out this fall.

4) Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession in Sidney,Australia visited us last weekend and taught at the Bernina Connection here in town. I had the privilege of sitting down with her to pull fabrics for the class project from my collection. I spent the weekend thinking about color and quilting business like I haven’t done in a really long time. So inspiring!

5) I just got my very first commission to quilt! For a fabric company! I don’t think I am supposed to tell you all the details but please plan to pick up the Spring 2015 issue of Modern Quilts unlimited.

6) One of the major publishing companies in the industry has me on their publication schedule for 2015!

7) I have a quilt in review for publication with another major pattern publisher.

So is there any wonder my office is in complete chaos? Maybe it just means I have a lot of marshmallows in the fire at once? So maybe I have a screwed up leg that keeps me from standing for hours to cut and iron right now. I DO have my creativity, I have tons of fabric and thread, and as soon as I am healed I am back in the gym to get some muscles back so I can wear those pretty new boots when I stand on the green carpet in my sewing room.



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