5-inch Log Cabin Block Pattern


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The 5-inch log cabin block pattern will allow you to create accurate log cabin quilt blocks. No more struggling with keeping accurate seam allowances and the frustration of blocks who are wonkier than you like. Instead, this log cabin foundation paper template will make piecing blocks fun, relaxing, and accurate.

Precut your strips of fabric with the entire width of the fabric piece and enjoy the construction process on your sewing machine. With this wonderful 5-inch log cabin block, there is no need to cut fabric strips to exact length! Instead, spend your time sewing the log cabin blocks and see a gorgeous log cabin quilt take form.

The booklet contains 48 paper templates. Each block measures 5 inches and the “logs” is 3/4 inch wide. These 48 foundation paper are enough to make a small quilt with 6×7 blocks. For larger quilts, you will need multiple booklets. For example, a full/queen size quilt of about 80″x80″ (border not included) will require 6 template booklets.

For more ideas and inspiration, you can visit our Log Cabin Star Quilt, which was made using this template.

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