4-inch Log Cabin Quilt Block Pattern


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The 4-inch Log Cabin block pattern will make sewing accurate log cabin blocks a breeze. No more struggling with keeping accurate seam allowances and the frustration of making blocks that are too big or too small. Instead, this 4-inch square quilt pattern will make piecing blocks fun, relaxing, and accurate.

Pre-cut your strips of fabric the entire width of the fabric and enjoy the construction process on your sewing machine. With these wonderful 4-inch blocks, there is no need to cut fabric strips to the exact size! Instead, spend your time sewing the log cabin blocks and see a gorgeous log cabin quilt take form.

The kit includes a booklet that contains 48 paper templates. Each block measures 4 inches and the “logs” is 1/4 inch wide. The 4-inch finished quilt blocks are perfect for making a small yet beautiful quilt project with 6×7 blocks, such as graphite and pastel log cabin quilt pattern.



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