Familyquilt_MayaRemember from my recent post about the new book out from Interweave, Sew Fun by Deborah Fisher?

I was feeling inspired to make a family quilt based on Deborah Fisher’s community quilt in the book. Last week the chance presented itself. Patrick had a late meeting out of town and I got to pick up all the girls from school and daycare.


Now, it isn’t hard to get my girls to sit down and draw. They do it pretty much every day all on their own. But I wanted to create a cozy atmosphere around the making of our family quilt. Something the girls would remember every time they looked at the quilt in the future.

So before picking up the girls a bit earlier than usual from school, I went to the grocery store and got a dinner I knew they would love (rotisserie chicken and a crusty baguette, no veggies) and a nice selection of candy that I would normally never buy for my kids on a Tuesday night. (Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, M&Ms).

I presented the whole package to the girls as a “girl-date” which translates as doing something extra cozy and girly.

blocksWe spent a cozy couple of hours snacking on candy and drawing together on the dining room table. Maya, the 2-year old, lasted 15 minutes and spent the rest of the time eating chocolate. Jaelyn had an intense production of 9 blocks. (Elsa and the snowman from Frozen will be culled from the final quilt.) In the end we had portraits of all the girls and all the cats and some other good artwork for our family quilt.



What happened to the husband and father?

This is supposed to be a family quilt after all.

I roped Patrick into sitting down to draw a couple of nights later with a cup of coffee and a bowl of popcorn at his side. Patrick isn’t one to volunteer for crafty activities but I could have sworn from the proud showing of his finished blocks and the fact that I completed no less than three of them that he may have enjoyed himself as much as the rest of us.

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