Gerd_blurHere are some more peeks at Tiputini. It is back from Lisa Sipes who did an beautiful job quilting it, and then I spent almost a week ditch quilting around all the appliqué and attaching the binding with its 360 inches of hand-stitching on the back. These things always take soooo much longer than I think they will.

Last night I was sitting on the floor deep into my second glass of cabernet while hand-sewing the hanging sleeve on the back. (The wine was non-negotiable at this point).

The price for all of this was to get up at 5am this morning to drag myself and Tiputi up to Gerd’s house for the photo shoot.
Felicia_peekI would like to pretend there is some glamour to this process so I am calling it “photo shoot” rather than just “taking pictures”. I pretend I am Grace Coddington (the amazing Vouge stylist) and Gerd is Anne Leibovitz (uber-talented portrait and fashion photographer). Our model is a quilt. Instead of makeup and a wardrobe rack on set, I run around with a lint-roller and little scissors to snip off all the little threads I didn’t see last night.


Anyways, I think we managed to get the cover photography done for the pattern – yeah!

Nothing like working on a tight deadline!






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