Vintage Quilt Revival - jacket artA new book landed on my desk a few weeks ago, Vintage Quilt Revival, by Katie Clark Blakesley, Lee Heinrich, and Faith Jones. I have to admit that on first glance I was a little dismissive of this title. There are SO many new “modern” quilt books out there and my personal style is more eclectic than modern these days. Did I really need to look at another of these books to look at?

But then I started reading a little closer and now I REALLY like the concept that these three skilled women came up with. Katie, Lee, and Faith have collected 20 classic quilt blocks in this book. Then they utilize these oldies-but-goodies to create relatively minimalistic and clean colored quilt designs. Neat!

Some of the projects are particularly pretty. I love the Sorbet Mini Quilt, the Cosmos Baby Quilt, and the Star Bright Quilt – I think it was the colors that really spoke to me.

However, I believe that the strength of the book lies in its detailed, explicit, and encouraging directions. This is truly a great book for skill building. It utilizes a variety of techniques, including simple foundation paper piecing and sewing partial seams.  A CD in the back of the book include full size templates and pattern pieces for all the blocks.

The way the book is structured, you can make the suggested projects, but you also have all the templates and directions to make 20 traditional blocks should you wish to pull out your feedsack-  and civil-war-  reproductions and go in a more traditional direction. Definitely a title to consider for your quilt book library.

Vintage Quilt Revival

By Katie Clark Blakesley, Lee Heinrich, Faith Jones

Interweave/F+W; $27.99


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