This week I am finally back from Europe. Five weeks is a long time to be gone. Despite all the fun adventures we have had I have missed my sewing room! And now I have a crappy cold that I probably picked up on the plane. Smokey-helping1 Smokey_help3 Smokey_help2

Nevertheless, I am playing with my gorgeous collection of brand new Michael Miller fabrics that are arriving in quilt stores just about now. I simply LOVE the bird fabrics they have out now.  Check out Laura Gunn’s Flutter collection, and Flock. 

There really is something to be said for having just the right Aurifil fibers on hand for when I am whipping up a project. I HATE having to stop a project to drive to the quilt store to look for the right thread. This wouldn’t happen if all my projects were master-planned and I went to the quilt store and bought all my fabric and fibers to go with a specific project. But that just isn’t how I work.

Of course, no sewing day would be complete without our kitten, Smokey Puff (Smokey for short or sometimes “Hey, you little stinker”) getting into EVERYTHING. He eventually got evicted from the sewing room but I snapped a couple of pictures of his fascination with my lovely Aurifil spools.

Do you like to keep a good thread collection?




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